Wirecard Case Study: WMF Group – Integration of an omnichannel shopping solution in WMF stores

Watch now, how Wirecard and WMF are teaming up to merge e-commerce with high-street retail henceforth.

How Wirecard helps the WMF Group to integrate an omnichannel shopping solution.


The brands of the WMF Group have represented the finest cooking, drinking and food culture for over 160 years. The internationally renowned company is one of the largest retail chains in Germany and is setting new standards with its products known for their exceptional design and high level of functionality. In addition to high-quality products, the WMF Group also attaches great importance to a technology-based, unique shopping experience at points of sale.


WMF was previously faced with the challenge of maintaining equal amounts of stock for all the products from its extensive range across all branches. The company also needed to ensure that it was able to offer optimal service to its large number of international customers, who are often spending just a short amount of time in the area.

The omnichannel shopping solution now enables WMF customers to see the products in the shop, place orders online there and then, and get the products delivered to their home. In cooperation with Wirecard, tablets with pre-installed apps were provided in the stores. The application is directly connected to the online shop, thus offering a shopping experience spanning all channels for WMF customers. For Visa, Mastercard and Maestro customers, the new solution also comes with an additional advantage. In the case of card payments, all payment-related data is read via the integrated mobile point of sale (mPOS) terminal (SPM2) and transmitted to the app via Bluetooth. Consequently, there is no need for any manual input of credit card data to the tablet. Furthermore, UnionPay and the mobile Alipay app are accepted as payment methods.


The omnichannel shopping solution from WMF and Wirecard combines e-commerce with the needs of stationary retail, enabling customers to access all products from the extensive range wherever and whenever they like. This ensures optimal service for national and international customers, who are often in the area for just a short amount of time.